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Vacationed in Curacao – went on scuba trip and items were stolen from bus while diving

I’m hoping someone can help provide some advice or let me know if I’m just SOL.

My family went on a vacation to Curacao and my husband and I signed up to go diving from a dive shop down the road from our hotel. The dive shop had a school bus they used for transportation. We were told when we got to the dive site “there’s a small safe in the back of the bus for phones and wallets, you can leave your backpack on the seats”. So we put our wallet in the safe and left our backpack in our seat. While we were out on our dive, all the backpacks on the bus were stolen – we had expensive sunglasses, clothes and an expensive car key in our backpack. I have many credit cards but I don’t seem to have any coverage for theft that I can see. We did file a police report but the dive shop won’t do anything about our losses. We pressured them to file a claim with their insurance which after a few days they got back to us and said their insurance doesn’t cover this situation. Is there anything I can do? I met with the US consulate but they don’t seem to be any help (says he’s following up but I’m not hearing back).

Thank you for any help/advice.


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